Our Story

Our Story

NPL Canada is one of the largest natural gas distribution contractors in North America. As a utility construction company, we offer a complete range of construction and maintenance services. Since 1994, our “alliance approach” to building customer partnerships has dramatically reduced construction costs by eliminating duplication and wasted effort.

Our unique alliance model delivers significant added value to our utility contractors and energy contractors that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional contractor relationship, and is a reflection of how we work in new and innovative ways with our customers.

While leading a culture focused on continuous improvement, NPL Canada is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer value through an unwavering commitment to quality, health, safety, and environmental protection. We continue to set the standard for best-in-class service and safety within the utility contracting industry, ensuring that customer success is our primary focus.

A True Alliance

As Canada’s most respected energy contractor, it’s our responsibility and privilege to work with our customers and our competitors to ensure the best practices of safety, quality and efficiency are openly shared for the benefit of all. Leading by example, our results reflect all the ways we Think Ahead.

Our Services

Our Services

NPL Canada is guided by a mission for sustainability for the next 100 years, building towards a future defined by exceptional long-term value; personal, community and environmental safety, as well as a legacy of customer success.

All of our services are designed towards effectiveness, efficiency and scale, and our teams pride themselves on producing projects that combine maximum value with the lowest maintenance possible.

As a full service energy provider, NPL Canada offers…

Natural Gas Distribution
This includes new construction, maintenance and replacement services for all plastic or steel pipe sizes from ½ inch to 36 inches in diameter. Fully equipped crews are trained and certified to perform work on a self-directed turn-key basis, which includes pre-work planning, construction drawings, line staking, installation, inspection, and testing.

We offer a full range of new construction, maintenance and replacement services on pipelines ranging from 16 inches to 48 inches in diameter, for natural gas, gas liquids, petroleum products and crude oil pipelines. Experienced and certified crews are available to provide service on a project or emergency basis.

Pipeline Integrity
Complete construction services are dedicated to the replacement of the cast iron natural gas distribution grid with polyethylene pipeline. We seek the involvement of local municipalities, utility providers and other contractors affected by our work well in advance of any project.

Maintenance & Related Services
We offer a comprehensive variety of value added pipeline services on a 24/7 and emergency basis.

Directional Drilling

We provide highly skilled and experienced crews well-equipped to provide a full range of horizontal directional drilling services to meet most trenchless technology needs for pipeline, electric utilities and communications installations. Our equipment is capable of installing pipes/ducts or pulling back a multiple of utility conduits to meet the majority of pipeline and utility applications.

Communications / Fiber Optics
We offer fully trained, certified, and equipped teams to meet industry standards for the installation of all types of underground and aerial communications infrastructure.

Electrical Distribution
We’re equipped with a full complement of manpower and equipment to provide underground electric utility cable installations and rehabilitation. NPL Canada specializes in joint trenching to assist developers and utilities in combining the installation of pipe and cable for gas, hydro, telephone, and cable TV in a common trench.

Fabrication & Mechanical
W.S. Nicholls Construction Inc., a subsidiary company, supports our team with industrial construction, fabrication and civil services to a range of energy, chemical, oil and gas, automotive, pulp and paper, government and private industry customers throughout North America.

Renewable Energy
As the energy industry evolves into an era focusing on renewable sources for clean power, NPL Canada is keeping pace, updating training and resources to service this growing sector. We’re well equipped and experienced to manage the civil construction requirements for a variety of renewable energy projects, from solar farms to wind capture facilities. NPL Canada has the resources in place to provide renewable energy developers with turnkey services backed by the same safety and quality standards that have made our company one of North America’s leading utility contractors.

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Contact Us

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