Thinking ahead for the next 100 years.

At NPL Canada, sustainability is defined by six critical facets of our business.

Safety is what we stand for.

The safety of our employees and the communities where we work is our first priority.

Quality is what we leave behind.

Combining our expertise, experience and resources, we do things right, ensuring that projects are completed on time, meet stringent standards and endure for the communities they serve.

Employees are the lifeblood of the organization.

A highly-trained, experienced and diverse team of employees is the most valuable asset in ensuring our success. Our commitment to safety is matched only by our commitment to our employees—their careers, their families and their futures.

Community is who we serve.

We are part of the communities where we work. By prioritizing safety, fostering local relationships and building things to last,
we strengthen those communities.

Economy is a long-term investment.

We contribute to a sustained local economy through creating jobs, growing local businesses and contributing to the tax base.

Environment is our home.

A restrained impact is central to a resilient environment. NPL Canada is committed to avoiding unnecessary degradation of air, land and water systems in the communities where we work. We challenge ourselves, and those who work alongside us, to reduce our carbon footprint.